National Bluegrass Gospel Jam, Grace Fellowship Church 01-02-2018

Awesome jam last night. We are in the 4th year of jamming. I counted 21 musicians and about 6 grinners. Several newcomers attended and they really added to the high level of talent.

Please be kind to all of the musicians who attend. Several of whom come from far locations. This is an ACOUSTIC Bluegrass Gospel Jam. Electric instruments are NOT allowed at this jam. Electric basses are allowed with a very SMALL amp. We are very grateful that we have upright bass players attending. They put forth special effort to bring their basses and they are professional players. This is a participating jam and not a performance jam to play louder than anyone else. The jam is for Bluegrass Musicians and even for folks who don’t play an instrument to come and join in singing. Be respectful to all who attend. Please be ON TIME. We begin at 6pm. As DISABLED senior citizens, Bev and I would be grateful for any help you can provide when breaking down sound equipment. Set up is easy. Breaking down and replacing furniture as we found it, is hard to do by ourselves. We are guests at Grace Church and it’s the Christian thing to do to replace furniture just as we found it.

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