Observable Miracles

Bluegrass Gospel Jams book by Ron Camerrer
God works his miracles in observable ways. Rick found on the internet, my book, Bluegrass Gospel Jams. He contacted me and we clicked right away, Rick was starting up a Jam in Jacksonville Florida. Rick said he wanted to set up a National Bluegrass Gospel Jam web site. I already had a web site that worked somewhat, but I didn’t have the expertise to do what I needed and wanted to do. My site was mediocre. Rick had the expertise. We both had the same goal. I believe God put us together. God’s timing is miraculous.

Rick asked if I would like to assist him with the new web site. I agreed. Rick is currently finishing up the National web site. My job is to furnish information about the Colorado region. Together we are making rapid progress. I am excited to participate on a National basis.

If you have a Bluegrass Gospel Jam you would like for us to promote, Contact Rick or Ron.

Ron Camerrer

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