CrossRoad Bluegrass Gospel Jam, 10-15-2017

This is our second jam, and again 3 pickers and about 5 spectators, but we had a great time! Thank you David Cox and Greg Stritch for jamming with me. And also for the other participants who sang along. Greg is a fellow luthier (builder of stringed instruments), so I especially enjoyed talking about building instruments and hearing about his run ins with well known bluegrass musicians (like Steve Kaufman and Sam Bush among others).
Not a big turnout, but am very happy to be doing this and I think it will eventually catch on. Like Ron says, “It’s not my jam – it’s God’s jam. I do the inviting and leave the rest to God.”
Thank you again for everyone that did come to the jam! Praise God!


  1. Janice Farnsworth says

    Really enjoyed the fellowship and music. I wonder if it’s possible to have more tunes that are more widely heard, I noticed we all really got into it with the more familiar songs. Thanks for doing this! I hope it does catch on, would be so much fun with lots of pickers and singers.

  2. Sue Torzynski says

    It was really great being there with you guys this week. I look forward to many more Bluegrass Gospel Jams at CrossRoad.

  3. Rick Torzynski says

    Janice, we can do any gospel song that you would like. If you can think of ones you would like to do, just email me a list and I’ll put together the chord and lyric sheet for it and add it to the songbook. And thank you for coming out to the jam!

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