CrossRoad Bluegrass Gospel Jam coming up!

The first CrossRoad Bluegrass Gospel Jam is this Sunday, September 17th – excited but still a little nervous about it. For the last month, I’ve been sitting in the church lobby, with a couple of mandolins and/or cigarbox mandolins, several of Ron’s books, and a signup sheet provided to me by Ron. 11 people signed up, including a fiddle player (really hope she comes) and quite a few guitar players of course. So not too bad for first event!

Of course, this is the week after hurricane Irma hit Florida, hard. Jacksonville had some flooding, a lot of power outages, and a lot of trees down. So my prayers are for the people of Florida and Texas – two big storms pretty close in time. Recovery is going to take quite a while. CrossRoad Church was fortunate – a few leaks here and there, but no serious damage. I monitored the storm closely – if it had come up either the east or west coast, close to the water, the damage would have been much, much worse. And groups of people gathered at the beach and prayed that God would take this storm out to sea, and .It may not have gone out to sea, but coming up the spine of Florida was the next best thing. Even those directly in the path faced a seriously weakened storm (Category 1 instead of Category 3 or 4). So I thank God for seeing us through this storm and pray that Jesus comforts those who experienced loss.

I just pray that this jam will be a way for people to come together and praise God for all that He has done for us.

May God be with you,



  1. John Perkins says

    Hope you had a successful first jam. When you see a need and fulfill it, you know The Holy Spirit is at work!! We are beginning our 5th year next month. Blessings to you all from Viera, FL!!

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